Making a Difference

I am very grateful to all who have offered so many wonderfully creative suggestions as to who 'I' might contact for help and assistance for the village of Budesti and for Aschiuta Home.

Someone suggested I contact Rover cars, which I did. Another person wrote to say I would do better to focus on haircare companies in the US and Canada for help. I have. And one kind and thoughtful chap suggested that I write to 'hundreds of churches around the world.' Well, I may not have written to hundreds, but it feels jolly close.

I've been deeply touched by some of the mail I've received from individuals who have been sincere and honest regarding their own limitations, in that for one reason or another, they're unable to write to anyone or travel any longer. However, they've offered their prayers and thoughts.

Those are among the most valuable assets anyone could ever have when it comes to our daily struggles to increase awareness of the plight of others. I am deeply grateful for those prayers and thoughts and I ask, please, that you continue.

One benefit of this medium of communication is that it becomes a defacto letter to the world. And in this light, it becomes the initial vehicle to reach far beyond my limited capacity, on our small island, to reach people who may be able to make an important decision that will help to change children's lives.

So I respectfully ask, please, that if you know someone who may help, or if you know someone who 'knows' someone else, who might be able to help, please, would you kindly share this blog site with them.

All it takes is one small mustard seed of faith!


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