The Empty Computer Classroom

This small community of 5,000 has no employment and the poverty level exceeds 80% ! Yet, there is this magnificent community structure that has been built with the hopes of creating education classes for the youth, and programmes that can reach out to other smaller villages nereby.

In the recent local re-elections, the mayor, Mrs Nina Costiuc, received 96% of the votes; which is a tribute to the hard work she has done in finding help for the village. But it was obvious to me that there was despair in her demeanor over the fact that there were virtually no job opportunities for the hundreds of young people in the community. In this image there is one working computer, without internet access, and one monitor without a base.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for what you have done for our Hepl in deloping the Budesti, it was a long expected help. But with rwgrea it si to mention that with such amount of money you have hepled with it could be done a lot more. From what i Know that Nina Costiuc is high class THIEF, because she managed to Stell more than 30% of the money throught comapanies and other.

But we want to apriciate your help!!

6:38 pm  
Blogger Father Bill Haymaker said...

Dear Anonymous

I’m sad to read such a comment. I realise there is a great deal of jealousy among local politicians who were unsuccessful in the local elections. And in the absence of any firm communication to support such inflammatory comments such as these, I can only consider this comment to be from an aggrieved politician, possibly from an alternative party.

However, in fairness to all, if you feel you are able to prove these allegations, then it is important that you do so for the citizens of Budesti. I would be pleased to hear from you, in confidence, as to the nature of your evidence.

Moldova has made amazing strides in its move to democracy. One of those advancements is in the development of its democratic legal system. If your voice is one of honesty and of concern for the people of Budesti, then you have a moral, democratic, and national obligation to make your evidence known.

I am proud to be among all of you who celebrate Moldova’s growth and it is an honour to serve each of you without prejudice or affiliation to any political or religious party.

Anyone may communicate with me, in confidence at:

12:26 pm  

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