Hundreds of Young People Come To Meet Me

After my visit with the young people, the mayor and I went to a quiet room. She wanted to introduce me to someone special. In the centre of this photo, there is a boy wearing a grey pullover, with a girl holding onto his arm. The girl's name is Nathalia.

Nathalia is the first child to have not only graduated in her village, but to have earned a degree in civil law. Sadly, Nathalia's mother was killed at Christmas, by a car driving through the dark. Nathalia has a younger sister and an elderly father. According to Mayor Costiuc, Nathalia's mother was a guiding light for the village and was responsible for having written to so many people in Germany asking for any kind of help they could get to make changes in the village.

All of the villagers loved Nathalia's mother and looked to her as a person with the highest esteem. Mayor Bustiuc asked me, pleaded with me, that whatever did, if there was nothing I could do to help the village, could I possibly do something to help this child.

Mayor Costiuc told me that the entire village looks to Nathalia as someone who represents promise and a new future for them. It was evident to me during my visit that all of the young people had a great deal of respect for Nathalia and liked her very much. Posted by Hello

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