Their Mother is Dead and They Are Alone

The mayor asked that I try to help this particular family. The mother died last year, leaving five children behind. There is no husband - he died six years ago. The boy suffers from mental illness and is unable to make any contribution to the family.

The two girls in the image work in their garden, but it's virtually impossible to grow anything in the winter. Both girls are ashamed to come to the community centre because they are so poor. But most alarmingly, the girl on the right told me and the mayor that the "visitor" comes at night to tell her that she can have lots of money, a nice home, and money to send home, if she comes with him to work as a "hostess" in a restaurant.

She said that sometimes women come with the men and tell her that she is pretty can can be a model also. This barrage is constant in these villages. Every single month, despite the continued warnings of the mayor and other villagers, a child will disappear, never to be seen again. Posted by Hello

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