Meet Nathalia. Can you Find Her a Job?

I've singled out this part of the photo so that you may get a closer look at Nathalia. I was so very impressed by her. She speaks excellent English, Russian, and Romanian.

Nathalia works for the Ministry of Tourism in Chisinau, and is responsible for the contract enforcement for Moldova's tour operators. Her salary is approximately USD$54 per month. From this, she must pay her transport to Chisinau, heat and survival for her sister and father, as well as their food.

I'd like to find a work-experience job for her in England or the US, towards the goal of helping her further her skills, so that she may help to change her own village's future. Nathalia has excellent presentation skills and will be of benefit to help represent her nation when the need calls for this.

I have an endorsement from not only the mayor, but from vasile Batcu, the Director of Salvati Copiii (Save The Children, Moldova), attesting to her good character. I have also been promised help from both Bernard Whiteside, the British Ambassador to Moldova, as well as the Consulate General of Moldova.

Now, I need your help, please. Please hire this girl, perhaps for a year for the first time, so that she may gain experience. I believe she has skills which will help you in your business and I will promise to work to help her as well in further developing those skills. Please contact me if you are able to help.

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