Positive Changes in Budesti!

Prayers are answered in so many ways. Whilst we are struggling to create change in the village of Budesti, I can honestly say that thanks to the care and compassion of so many people, change is taking place!

Meeting the physical, educational, moral and spiritual needs of a community can be, at the best of times, an overwhelming responsibility. A child’s view of life is not developed by mere words. It requires actions and a commitment to serve.

I am delighted that Father Ed Elsey has kindly agreed to come to Budesti to serve within the community. Fr. Ed is particularly valuable to the village due to his impressive scholastic qualifications combined with his endearing spiritual personality.

It was almost exactly a year ago that I accidentally slid down the muddy embankment which was to become the steps leading to the new school. My, what a difference!

Now that the school is completed, we face the important task of ensuring that children receive a quality education and guidance, to prepare them for the unique challenges they face. We recognise that these children are the future of Moldova and we must heartily embrace our responsibility to not only provide the finest education possible, but to inspire the children to become part of the positive changes within their beautiful country.

Fr. Ed will be travelling to Moldova at the beginning of December. He will immediately take up residency in the village of Budesti. Each time Fr. Ed and I speak over the phone, I find myself apologising to him as I am so excited about his coming that I almost trip over my words in sharing all I need to share to help him learn about the children and their needs.

We still desperately need your help for many things.

Knitting Instructor: The beautiful knitting machines I carried to the village are helping the children to learn basic knitting. However, we desperately need a volunteer to come out and teach our instructors on how to use the machines. If you’d like to come for a long weekend we’d be delighted to have you!

Sewing Machines: We could do very well with four more machines for the community centre. The children are learning essential skills, which will help them not only provide their own sewing, but provide skills which may lead to employment. We also need bolts of material and associated sewing supplies. Dotti Currier from America has generously helped in providing funds for supporting supplies as well as many other essential needs in the village. I’m so grateful for the help she has provided.

Computers: I’m so thankful to Jonathan Soverns who has kindly provided a quality scanner, and other materials to help the children develop their computer skills. We have the lovely server and a ‘slave.’ But we still desperately need a proper classroom of computers in order to provide educational courses. Once we have a sufficient number of computers we will certainly need a trainer to provide training classes to our educators and students.

Hairdressing School: I’ve been disappointed with myself over this project. It seems no matter where I turn, or leads I follow up from suggestions made by others, I just don’t seem to be successful in reaching the right people. Of course, it’s a big project, but the benefits to the community and surrounding communities will make a dramatic positive change! One kind lady in England named Jackie Lawson, found for us a hairdressers that was closing down, but ultimately, we had less than a few days to clear out her shop and simply were unable to do so in such a short time. And, when I looked at the items, their age was such that it actually wasn't practical. Sadly, we need a much broader commitment that includes someone who will deliver the materials, help us to install and set them up and hopefully provide training and education.

School: The school still needs virtually everything you could imagine that a new school might need. The new gym is lovely, however there is virtually no sports equipment. The kitchen is prepared to provide a hot meal daily for every child. However, we need to fill the pantry with nutritious foods and we need industrial grade utensils.

Emergency Medical Centre: We have literally little more than a thermometer and stethoscope, which were generously donated by Chris Bindon and Dr. Cooper. These two gentlemen also purchased boxes of suture threads for a physician in Transnistria. I’m so grateful for their kindness.

Art Supplies: Jonathan Soverns has very generously purchased over 35kg of dried water colour paint for me to carry to Budesti. I’m delighted to do this, but I need help in getting the excess baggage there! (I’m not complaining at all!)

Bed and Breakfast: We are looking for a couple who would consider either redeveloping an existing house or build a house to serve as a small B&B. Our goal is to provide a Hospitality and customer service training programme to prepare young people for hospitality jobs in this rapidly developing market within Moldova.

If your organisation or company would like to help with specific or general projects in Budesti, all funds are managed through Salvati Copiii Moldova. We have account facilities to accept Euros or US Dollars. Other currencies are welcome and will be exchanged by our handling banks.

Gifting for children’s items, or essential Winter needs such as food, coal, and firewood may be done through the Project New Life website and is processed by Paypal International. If you have a specific request as to how you wish those funds to be used, please be so kind as to indicate in your transmission notes.

If you would like to learn more about the village of Budesti and the remarkable changes that are taking place, we would be delighted to have you come visit. If you would like for us to address your group, church, or organisation regarding the village of Budesti, or the challenges faced by the children of Moldova, we would be pleased to assist. You may write us at: info@projectnewlife.org

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