Meet Nathalia. Can you Find Her a Job?

I've singled out this part of the photo so that you may get a closer look at Nathalia. I was so very impressed by her. She speaks excellent English, Russian, and Romanian.

Nathalia works for the Ministry of Tourism in Chisinau, and is responsible for the contract enforcement for Moldova's tour operators. Her salary is approximately USD$54 per month. From this, she must pay her transport to Chisinau, heat and survival for her sister and father, as well as their food.

I'd like to find a work-experience job for her in England or the US, towards the goal of helping her further her skills, so that she may help to change her own village's future. Nathalia has excellent presentation skills and will be of benefit to help represent her nation when the need calls for this.

I have an endorsement from not only the mayor, but from vasile Batcu, the Director of Salvati Copiii (Save The Children, Moldova), attesting to her good character. I have also been promised help from both Bernard Whiteside, the British Ambassador to Moldova, as well as the Consulate General of Moldova.

Now, I need your help, please. Please hire this girl, perhaps for a year for the first time, so that she may gain experience. I believe she has skills which will help you in your business and I will promise to work to help her as well in further developing those skills. Please contact me if you are able to help.

Please. Posted by Hello

Hundreds of Young People Come To Meet Me

After my visit with the young people, the mayor and I went to a quiet room. She wanted to introduce me to someone special. In the centre of this photo, there is a boy wearing a grey pullover, with a girl holding onto his arm. The girl's name is Nathalia.

Nathalia is the first child to have not only graduated in her village, but to have earned a degree in civil law. Sadly, Nathalia's mother was killed at Christmas, by a car driving through the dark. Nathalia has a younger sister and an elderly father. According to Mayor Costiuc, Nathalia's mother was a guiding light for the village and was responsible for having written to so many people in Germany asking for any kind of help they could get to make changes in the village.

All of the villagers loved Nathalia's mother and looked to her as a person with the highest esteem. Mayor Bustiuc asked me, pleaded with me, that whatever did, if there was nothing I could do to help the village, could I possibly do something to help this child.

Mayor Costiuc told me that the entire village looks to Nathalia as someone who represents promise and a new future for them. It was evident to me during my visit that all of the young people had a great deal of respect for Nathalia and liked her very much. Posted by Hello

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The Cemetery

The cemetery is a focal point for the village. It rests at the highest point in the village, next to the basilica, with hundreds of small shacks below. The Basilica is in desperate need of repair. There is severe water leakage that is destroying icons and art. Posted by Hello

Their Mother is Dead and They Are Alone

The mayor asked that I try to help this particular family. The mother died last year, leaving five children behind. There is no husband - he died six years ago. The boy suffers from mental illness and is unable to make any contribution to the family.

The two girls in the image work in their garden, but it's virtually impossible to grow anything in the winter. Both girls are ashamed to come to the community centre because they are so poor. But most alarmingly, the girl on the right told me and the mayor that the "visitor" comes at night to tell her that she can have lots of money, a nice home, and money to send home, if she comes with him to work as a "hostess" in a restaurant.

She said that sometimes women come with the men and tell her that she is pretty can can be a model also. This barrage is constant in these villages. Every single month, despite the continued warnings of the mayor and other villagers, a child will disappear, never to be seen again. Posted by Hello

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Only Bread To Eat

If you look closely enough, you will see two bread rolls. This is the food for the week! These children have a goat, from which they get milk, one chicken, which is so emaciated, it can no longer lay eggs, and a garden, in which they grow carrots during the warm months. They have no funds for anything. The children are at risk. The boy has limited capacity to do anything. Posted by Hello

Up to Five Children in One Room

There are families who live up to five to a room, in 10x12' rooms, that have no electricity, no water, and no flooring. There is no escape for these children. It is too expensive to travel to Chisinau ( a big city) and is a frightening prospect to these innocent villagers. But many leave each week, dreaming of finding work. Sadly many never return, only to be confirmed dead, when the morgue advises the village of the find. Posted by Hello

We Need Sewing Machines!

Sewing machines! I heard pleas for sewing machines and materials from more young people than any other item. The girls told me they could make clothes for their families, and they could make goods to sell. But there are only two ancient manual machines in the village; one of them barely works.

I would love to have a complete sewing class for the girls and women of the village. Even boys expressed interest, which I gathered to be part of their determination to help feed their families in any way they could. Posted by Hello
Big World Small Boat

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Children's Clay Art

The local children come to the centre weekly and use whatever supplies the locals can find. In this case, we had clay that the children used to make small figures. I was extremely impressed by the talent exhibited by these 6 and 7 year-old-children. Posted by Hello

If you can provide art material for the children, 'dry' water colour powders (the weight of liquid is weight restrictive on flights), scissors, modelling clay, etc., we would be most grateful!

Empty Library and Computer Room

Germany donated basic furnishings, including facilities for a library, fro which there are no books, an art class room, for which there are no materials, other than tables, a computer learning centre, for which there is one extremely old computer that was donated to the village. Otherwise, the building is empty. Posted by Hello

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Excellent Venue for Meetings Training or Church

There is a common area on the ground floor of the building, which can serve as a theatre style environment. The chairs are moveable, so that the floor area may be used for other activities. There is also a small stage available, for theatre, church services, etc. Posted by Hello

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The Empty Computer Classroom

This small community of 5,000 has no employment and the poverty level exceeds 80% ! Yet, there is this magnificent community structure that has been built with the hopes of creating education classes for the youth, and programmes that can reach out to other smaller villages nereby.

In the recent local re-elections, the mayor, Mrs Nina Costiuc, received 96% of the votes; which is a tribute to the hard work she has done in finding help for the village. But it was obvious to me that there was despair in her demeanor over the fact that there were virtually no job opportunities for the hundreds of young people in the community. In this image there is one working computer, without internet access, and one monitor without a base.
Big World Small Boat Budesti
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The Mayor And Her Community Centre

This community centre was funded by a grant from Germany. The local mayor worked diligently to bring awareness of the povertry and unusual number of young people in the village. It is an impressive building, but unfortunately, is completely empty. I desperately, please, need your help to create small education programmes for the young people of this village. Posted by Hello

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Making a Difference

I am very grateful to all who have offered so many wonderfully creative suggestions as to who 'I' might contact for help and assistance for the village of Budesti and for Aschiuta Home.

Someone suggested I contact Rover cars, which I did. Another person wrote to say I would do better to focus on haircare companies in the US and Canada for help. I have. And one kind and thoughtful chap suggested that I write to 'hundreds of churches around the world.' Well, I may not have written to hundreds, but it feels jolly close.

I've been deeply touched by some of the mail I've received from individuals who have been sincere and honest regarding their own limitations, in that for one reason or another, they're unable to write to anyone or travel any longer. However, they've offered their prayers and thoughts.

Those are among the most valuable assets anyone could ever have when it comes to our daily struggles to increase awareness of the plight of others. I am deeply grateful for those prayers and thoughts and I ask, please, that you continue.

One benefit of this medium of communication is that it becomes a defacto letter to the world. And in this light, it becomes the initial vehicle to reach far beyond my limited capacity, on our small island, to reach people who may be able to make an important decision that will help to change children's lives.

So I respectfully ask, please, that if you know someone who may help, or if you know someone who 'knows' someone else, who might be able to help, please, would you kindly share this blog site with them.

All it takes is one small mustard seed of faith!


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